Play, Collect, Earn

Orclands Metaverse is a 3D video game developed using Unreal Engine. Battle, Farm, Mine and Hunt in an immersive multiplayer online metaverse.

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Game Play

Orclands gameplay is a metaverse because it has many 3D virtual areas connected through a social gaming experience. Whilst NFT Orcs, Lands, Weapons and Armour are fundamental to gameplay, so is skill. All areas of gameplay are competitive and require a gamer's passion to win.


Ready yourself for Battle Arena and fight to the death against multiple villains. Warrior, Wizard and Thief to name a few all have unique battle abilities.


Miner Orc comes in handy exploring for rare magical NFT items such as potions and spellbooks which can only be obtained by mining.


Adventure awaits in a multiplayer great hunt event. Not only is this a game of survival, it is a game of hunting. What are you hunting exactly? Well, you will have to wait and see …


Players have an opportunity to work the farmlands for a chance of finding some treasure in the form of tokens. Land is scarce, so you need to secure your lot.


Alive with activity, the markets are the place to buy, sell, swap or rent all of the assets of the Orclands Metaverse.


The blacksmiths of Orclands have relit the forge in volcano Orcdor and mastered the ancient ways of smithing.

Battle Arena

A game of survival, prepare yourself for wave after wave of villains who are defending the mighty Mega Orc (the boss). Players can select an Orc character from their inventory of Orcs for battle.

There is a large range of weapons, armour, and items that players can equip their Orc characters with to support combat. The battle will not be easy and will require a level of skill and practise.

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Whilst gameplay is predominately an action-based skill game, our two tokens are a key component of Orclands gameomics providing two main functions: trading & purchasing of assets, and in-game rewards.


ORC token is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and can be swapped for BNB coin. It can also be used to purchase our NFTs required for gameplay. Holding ORC tokens can also provide additional benefits such as passively earning more ORC tokens when transaction reflections are enabled.


SPIRITS token's primary use is for in-game rewards and is not tradable on distributed exchanges (DEX). This token, however, can be used for purchasing game assets or can be swapped for ORC token. Likewise, you can swap ORC token for SPIRITS token.


Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are core to gameplay as these are representative of in-game assets. Players purchase NFTs, check them in for gameplay, and they are then available in their game inventory. NFTs are finite in number, meaning as gameplay popularity increases so too does demand, hence value. They can also be sold in the Orc markets to other players.


Players control Orc characters in the metaverse. There are many classes and levels of Orc each with unique gameplay characteristics and abilities.


Lands are unique passes that allow entry into different metaverse areas of gameplay. Lands provide a certain number of entries, after which they expire.


Items are NFTs which cannot be purchased due to their magical nature and can only be found during certain types of gameplay.


Weapons are mandatory for battle and hunt gameplay. There are many classes available, with the Orc weapons being the most unique and valuable.


Armour, shields and robes provide protection to certain types of Orc characters during battle, reducing the amount of damage taken.


Tools are primarily used for farming and mining areas of gameplay. However, if provoked, an Orc can wield a tool to cause damage to a villain.


The metaverse is a vast landscape, allowing players to explore different types of gameplay. Farming and Mining are two areas that will allow players to earn rewards from game activity.


Farming allows players to work the farmlands with farmer Orc characters and farming tools.

Rewards can be discovered in the form of tokens. Beware, as you might also need to protect your farmland from villain raids.


Mining allows players to explore the ancient catacomb mines with miner Orc and mining tools.

Rewards can be discovered in the form of NFTs that cannot be purchased in-game. Beware as the catacombs are full of surprises!


Kicking off in 2022 with a successful Launch phase, Orclands is now executing on a detailed development plan which spans over 5 phases of incremental growth. The intent is to provide a number of feature releases for our game platform, whilst ensuring the sustainability of our project.

Launch Phase

Battle Arena Phase

Mine Phase

Farm Phase

Metaverse Phase

Growth and Expansion

Core Team

Meet the core team! We are an experienced & enthusiastic team of developers, marketing and community leaders. We are passionate about transforming the game industry, and also the crypto market. We will do so by providing a high-quality product and a safe investment. Come and say hello in our discord group.


Unreal Engine Dev


Full Stack Dev




Community Lead